There is always hope of doing better and becoming better. 

So why rant about your bad self?
Why not change it?

See there is something wrong with world these days.
And know what?
That is thinking ill of each other.
That is hoping in not changing anything.
And above all believing in every fuss that has been created around.

Now even want to know why?
Not mainly because it is what it is and this IS really happening around and this IS going to happen too!

No! Not to me.
Because, because there was no one like you and me THERE to help US!

We didn’t STOP us.
We never believed in US.
We never taught us, our good side!
We, we just never made ourselves realize about the better self we could be.

Alas! We never trapped our demons.
And never looked for something hoping. We just stood there watching it happen or stood there doing it. 

Let it be. 

Sometimes its okay to not to be okay!
Sometimes its all good to give up to your little dreams.
Its all okay to stop and pause for a while.
Sometimes oh sometimes,
Let your body feel the pain or the joy.
Just let it all flow through your mind and every cell that grows deep inside you.

The very moment you’re stuck in. The very present you are living in.
Just let it be.

Because life is not all about stressing out and sticking to sorrows.

Just don’t be that way.
Give your self time to grow. Give your wounds time to heal. Let your body be resistant enough to fight back all the misery you’re hit up with.

Take deep breaths and absorb the air of love. Let it in and then let it all out! ❤


She is a chaos

So,complex yet understandable

With a quiet harsh tone but           her voice could mend the souls.

Almost resistible for the world       but she gives up so soon!

She can run miles away from the      lies yet she endures all of them.       

She has the courage to pull herself out from the stark darkness but she grows inside it.                                 

The light is still there alive-dying to sparkle and detach the black studded sight.                                     

She is a stardust but                         something makes her so dull!      And that is all because of not being her true self.

She disguises her self for the sake of world and ignores whispers of her inner self. 

Then chaos takes over.                   She hangs in between

And remains there forever..


Life is within how pleasingly you live, with what ever you have and where ever you are. 

Its always about YOU.
Because YOU are the one who experiences it. To world, its nothing. Your suffering does not matter to them but what’s important to them, is how you react to it!
How you bear it!
Every one is busy in pointing out the one who commits a crime. But only few would think about what made him do it?
Even if you live it to the fullest other than committing sins they would always have these ”whys” swimming in their heads…

Besides, what I said in the first few lines should matter to you… You should be satisfying you! And that satisfaction should be found in every situation.
Other wise, you would lose your joys in stressing out, finding ways you can’t reach. Or you could say finding your wants but not needs. 

Sadened by the reality


I don’t feel like living in this world anymore. 

My will to strive has been devastated because those who have a voice to raise and object are persecuted to death!!!
Is that a reward which the world pays us?

The so called wise men are the ones responsible for our sufferings.
They are the DEMONS!!! I believe.
There is no difference left between a SATAN and a HUMAN.
Both are on the same levels. 


Here I stand in the middle of no where. 

Here I stay with so many thoughts in my head.

Here I stare where in the background the light fades and I stare a stare to look no where. 

I am blank, I am lost. 

Because of the feeling that so many people out there are expecting from me. 

And here I lay with no care in my heart. 

I am relentlessly ignoring their calls, their screams , their shouts. 

Do you know why? 

Owing to the fact that I am strayed in my very own self. 

I dare not to even whisper for them to hear that I care. 

I dare not to see and to hide my face in my hands. To not to feel that there exists agony of them. 

To adrift from what is being told to me and to live a life of vanity.

Where they live a life that is being played by the demons- who are grounding them, smashing their souls and making them bleed a blood that can cost them eternity in hell… 

However, I and the satans have one thing in common. 

We have no heart. 

We live a life of satisfaction 

A world of ours where we keep doing wrong for the wrongs sake. 

And then there are people of Syria who are fighting some one else’s fight and are dying for the cause they never intended to strive


Stuck between whether to move on or to stay where I was before.

Sometimes I miss my past days, my past life and where I used to be. 

But now here in this city I can’t find the satisfaction of living. 

Now I know why people used to say about big cities life…. 

Its a race and you are running with purpose or without purpose but there is never looking back and you even leave the beloved ones behind if they don’t pick up the pace with you…

A memory of a girl

I feel lifeless when I remember that incident from my past events. 

It was a rainy evening I was sitting on the couch with my chin over my hands watching rain droplets fall accross the window. That is when I suddenly saw a girl down there on the street hiding her self from rain under a tree. 

I instantly went downstairs and called her to come inside for a while. We stood in the garage and got talking about what she was doing there. 

I got to know that she finances her family by selling flowers on the streets and its all because of her parents. They can’t let her stay home. So she works outside for some men in shops. She begs on streets for them and what she gets is 200 per week. 

That really left me shocked because I was just 13 at that time enjoying life at home. Eating noodles and sipping teas at eves and what SHE was doing? Supporting her family!

Was she really destined to do that? 

Was it really her life? Controlled by others? Where she had no will but to suffer at the hands of evils.

Everytime I visit bazar and see these young ones sitting on roads. I remember her- I feel sad about her and each one of them out there fighting! Fighting a bad fight against and with their beloved ones. 


God has two kinds of laws: one is the shari’a, known by everybody, which is the group comprising God’s laws issuing from His Attribute of Speech and govering man’s ‘religious’ life.The reward or punishment in the following it or not usually pertains to the after life. 

The other group of Divine laws comprise those governing creation and life as a whole, which issue from His Attribute of Will and are generally (but wrongly )called the ‘laws of nature’. The reward or punishment for them mostly pertains to this world 

Be certain of this, that the highest aim of creation and its most sublime result is belief in GOD. The most exalted rank of humanity is the knowledge of God. 
The most radiant happiness and sweetest bounty for jinn and mankind is the love of GOD contained within the knowledge of GOD; the purest joy for human spirit and the purest delight for man’s heart is the spiritual ecstacy contained within the love of GOD. 
Indeed, all true happiness, pure joy, sweet bounties and unclouded pleasure are undoubtedly contained with in knowledge and love of GOD.

A little bit knowledge is of no harm.

So, just shared his thoughts. 🙂


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