The liebster award

I am so excited to write about the liebster award. A platform, where bloggers interact and help each other’s blog expand. I found it a great opportunity as a starter.

Nominated by:

Usranaeem who is a blogger on instagram. She writes a great stuff and I absolutely love her feed. I couldn’t thank her enough for nominating me for such a good platform.

The post is written in response to my nomination, where I wrote a thanksgiving paragraph and I will further nominate 5 or more bloggers.

Before that I will highlight some rules for the nominees and will answer the required questions.


• Give a shout-out to a blogger who nominated you.

• Share some random facts about yourself

• Nominate 5 or more bloggers who you feel deserve this award & who have less than 200 followers

• Answer the questions posted by the person who nominated you & ask your nominees to answer those questions posted in your post.

Facts about me:

  • First and the foremost important one is that: I am a book lover and I never get tired of them.
  • I am a dendrophile and a nature enthusiast.
  • An ambivert who likes to be around people yet can survive alone.
  • A literature student, striving had to progress.
  • Born with most weird habits since my mood changes according to the weather.
  • Not a sound sleeper, anything can wake me up at anytime.
  • How can I forget to mention that I truly adore traveling.
  • Last of all a good motivator and a counsellor. So you can hit me up anytime with any problem.

Answers to the questions:

• If there’s one thing you could change in the world what would it be?

Um, If I could do that, I’d certainly remove the race and class differences.

• who’s your inspiration?

From childhood till now I am truly inspired by Prophet Muhammad (saw). His character has a no match and it truly inspires me.

• which is your dream destination?

Oh lord! That’s a difficult one since I have so many on my travel list but yeah Greece is where I would love to go.

•What motivates you to write/blog?

The idea of inspiration that maybe through my writing I can bring positivity around the globe.

• Your favorite quote?

” sinners judging sinners for sinning differently”

• If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Flying because, I would definitely like to discover different places.

• If you could have only one meal for the rest of your life – what would it be?

Sausage sandwich

• Favourite blog?


• What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from blogging?

That don’t waste time on convincing people because they’ll do what they think is right. Just express but never impose.

• what is your biggest fear?

Encountering a ghost!

• Advice for new bloggers?

Try your best but never lose yourself in it. Always mark the difference between the lust for fame and striving to bring a good change.

That’s all from my side guys and now I would like to jot down the questions.

  • Your dream goal?
  • Your purpose for blogging?
  • What profession you would like to pursue in the future?
  • Name any of your favourite writers.
  • If you could be any character for a day, whom you would choose?
  • Name your favourite books that have changed your point of view about life?
  • That one person whom you truly adore?
  • Favourite music artist?
  • A message to the world.


Nominees for the liebster award are






please leave a comment on the website that who nominated you and drop your website’s URL


Good luck guys!



The whole scene on the sky

is like a canvas of my dreams.

Where light blue spreads under the smudged pure white

and in between the two resides

a scarlet sun.

With upholding my cup of tea

I praise the one- who has beautifully painted it all.

A poem I wrote yesterday. I don’t know what caught up my mind but my obsession with sky has made me write it and I hope you all will like it too!

P.s this photograph has been taken by

I hope you stop by his profile too 🙂

Stay blessed!

Gone with the river


I am sitting by the river all alone. There is no one around me and by that I mean no human being. There is tranquility prevailing but oh wait! I can hear something. Let me make you hear it too.



The blue gushing water waves are flowing in full speed and if you hear it closely, you’ll know the river is making a gulping sound. I can see the green bushes on the other side of the river, illuminating sunshine.


There lay, sparkly stones. So, I hold one in my hand and move my thumb across it’s surface. How dead it is at the moment but it gives me the feeling of life: the smooth touch of it.


I dip my hand inside the colored water, I can feel the coolness it has and when I retreat it back , the droplets fall, making the tip-tip sound into the river. Believe me, with each drop, I am falling for it too.


I just cherish the white linings at the water waves and the growling wind that is touching my cheeks and is turning them cold to make me appreciate the warmth of the sun.

For the last time, I dangle my feet into the water and make that gulping sound even louder to say my last goodbye to the river. 


What is poetry to you?

To me,

It’s a feeling that only your inner self understands.

It’s like a water in the deep than the water at the surface.

More specifically, it’s the roots that hold up a person.
Poetry nourishes the inside and makes the dead one alive 💕

Fading your true self

If you really are faking things, hiding things that should not be hidden from others and acting like you are living a life full of happiness then my friend you are not doing it right. 

Yep no. 
This world is artificial but who said you have to turn like that too? 

Why can’t you just accept the reality and accept who you are. 

Let me tell you one thing that being real, trying to overcome negative things is what makes you who you are. 
So, be it!  




// In collaboration with my very talented friend usranaeem


There is always hope of doing better and becoming better. 

So why rant about your bad self?
Why not change it?

See there is something wrong with world these days.
And know what?
That is thinking ill of each other.
That is hoping in not changing anything.
And above all believing in every fuss that has been created around.

Now even want to know why?
Not mainly because it is what it is and this IS really happening around and this IS going to happen too!

No! Not to me.
Because, because there was no one like you and me THERE to help US!

We didn’t STOP us.
We never believed in US.
We never taught us, our good side!
We, we just never made ourselves realize about the better self we could be.

Alas! We never trapped our demons.
And never looked for something hoping. We just stood there watching it happen or stood there doing it. 

Let it be. 

Sometimes its okay to not to be okay!
Sometimes its all good to give up to your little dreams.
Its all okay to stop and pause for a while.
Sometimes oh sometimes,
Let your body feel the pain or the joy.
Just let it all flow through your mind and every cell that grows deep inside you.

The very moment you’re stuck in. The very present you are living in.
Just let it be.

Because life is not all about stressing out and sticking to sorrows.

Just don’t be that way.
Give your self time to grow. Give your wounds time to heal. Let your body be resistant enough to fight back all the misery you’re hit up with.

Take deep breaths and absorb the air of love. Let it in and then let it all out! ❤


She is a chaos

So,complex yet understandable                                                                                                          

With a quiet harsh tone but                                                                                                             her voice could mend the souls.

Almost resistible for the world                                                                                                       but she gives up so soon!

She can run miles away from the                                                                                                       lies yet she endures all of them.       

She has the courage to pull herself out from the stark darkness                                             but she grows inside it.                                 

The light is still there alive-dying to sparkle                                                                                     And detach the black studded sight.                                     

She is a stardust but                                                                                                             something makes her so dull!                                                                                                       And that is all because of not being her true self.

She disguises herself for the sake of world                                                                                       And ignores whispers of her inner self. 

Then chaos takes over                                                                                                                           she hangs in between

And remains there forever..


Life is within how pleasingly you live, with what ever you have and where ever you are. 

Its always about YOU.
Because YOU are the one who experiences it. To world, its nothing. Your suffering does not matter to them but what’s important to them, is how you react to it!
How you bear it!
Every one is busy in pointing out the one who commits a crime. But only few would think about what made him do it?
Even if you live it to the fullest other than committing sins they would always have these ”whys” swimming in their heads…

Besides, what I said in the first few lines should matter to you… You should be satisfying you! And that satisfaction should be found in every situation.
Other wise, you would lose your joys in stressing out, finding ways you can’t reach. Or you could say finding your wants but not needs.

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